Unidash PV is a custom tailored solar unified industrial dashboard for building SCADA solutions. Unidash is designed in focusing the major problems in existing in the current products and make it superior to all. It is platform independent and ease to deploy and maintain. Unidash monitors and records the parameters of subsystems of solar power plant, power on DC and AC sides, Weather station data, computation of performance ration and efficiency. Server centric architecture and can be accessed anywhere via web and mobile.

Unidash PV Features

Monitor and Record Parameters of Subsystems in Solar Power Plant, Power on DC and AC Side, Computation of Performance Ratio and efficiency.

Server centric architecture and can be accessed any where via WEB and Mobile.

Low-cost, Low-power, Wireless mesh network standard targeted at the wide development and scope for further expandability



Unidash is capable of monitoring

  1. Power Parameters at HT Terminals
  2. Voltage and Frequency at HT Side
  3. AC and DC Side power of Each Invertors
  4. SMB String wise Monitoring and Control
  5. Fuse Box Measurements
  6. Ambient Temperature
  7. Module Surface Temperature
  8. Wind Speed
  9. Rain Fall
  10. Humidity
  11. Solar Irradiation
  12. Fire Alarm and Monitoring