A Unified industrial dashboard platform for building SCADA, MES and IIoT Solutions.

Every Industry uses SCADA for Monitor, control and gather data from their processes and devices. Traditional Systems uses old technology, complex process, wired connectivity which makes them difficult to deploy, change management, upgrade and platform dependency. UNIDASH is designed in focusing the major problems existing in the current products and make it superior to all the product existing in the market.UNIDASH is platform dependent, easy to deploy and uses, highly available on cloud and easy to change and manage.

Existing System Unidash
  1. Complex Deployment
  2. Platform Dependant
  3. Limited Features
  4. Not available on Cloud
  5. High Cost
  6. Limited Expandablity
  7. Exclusive of Hardware
  1. Easy Deployment
  2. Platform Independent
  3. Unilimted Features
  4. 99.9% Availablity
  5. Low cost
  6. Higly Expandable
  7. Inclusive of Hardware