Tideltech IT Services was established with a vision to achieve excellence in  partnership and consultancy based approach to manage IT infrastructure with excellence in service support to individual Customers, Manufacturing & Production Industries

Today market forces the change we do business with adoption of emerging applications like mining and cloud, Android-the Exploration of mobile innovations with convergence of computing. Thus customers demand applications that deliver hyper-connectivity, extreme personalization, and real-time customizations. These expectations are transforming the application development landscape, how organizations choose their IT partners. Hence customization in the development of application provides a gateway of solutions in support of business needs at both individual and firm level. The name ‘Application’ is completely digested and re-invented in our unique way with vision of maximized utilization of the product. Organizations everywhere are under increasing pressure to extend their business faster with more flexibility of tuning to market needs, using software innovation to drive growth and respond more swiftly to changing markets. The demand to develop solutions quickly can have a negative effect on software quality, introducing the potential for risk and error. The key idea is to build quality software from the start with bottom up approach to ease out complexities of business critical data with comprehensive solution and delivery.

We concentrate on developing scalable applications with extensive architecture which provides quality and performance driven with business centric web applications to help enterprise seamlessly connect, interact, operate and generate business value from simple implementation and development practices. Tideltech build products of Higher and faster business values with enhanced technology excellence, cost optimization and customized web application development services. We develop enterprise-level mobile applications which help in enhancement of business productivity which can develop both native and cross-platform mobile applications utilizing core capabilities in leading mobile development platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and HTML5 and vice versa.