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16 Feb

Unidash PV Ensures Peak Performance and Maximum ROI

Solar energy industry is enduring unprecedented growth with rising interest in clean energy and to meet the fast growing energy demand Large solar farms can have tens or hundreds of photovoltaic panels working together. As the industry grows to new heights, solar operators are presented with an entirely new challenge: inefficiency.

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15 Feb

Walmart Self Checkout - SMART Retail

In the U.S., Walmart has made the process even faster by replacing the scanner with a mobile app. Customers in more than 20 participating locations can now use it to both scan and pay for their items on their smartphones. They get to bypass checkout and just have to show their receipt to an "exit greeter".

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05 Jan

Security Framework over Video Server

The global standard for video management and video analytics, the ISS flagship video management software, SecurOS Enterprise is the nucleus of a complete surveillance and security management topology.

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